This paper aims to propose a novel hybrid-decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory-K means clustering algorithm as a decision-making framework for analyzing the barriers of green computing adoption.


A literature review is conducted to extract relevant green computing barriers. An expert elicitation process is performed to finalize the barriers and to establish their corresponding interrelationships.


The proposed approach offers a comprehensive framework for modeling the barriers of green computing adoption.

Research limitations/implications

The results of this paper provide insights on how the barriers of green computing adoption facilitate the adoption of stakeholders. Moreover, the paper provides a framework for analyzing the structural relationships that exist between factors in a tractable manner.


The paper is one of the very first attempts to analyze the barriers of green computing adoption. Furthermore, it is the first to offer lenses in a Philippine perspective. The paper offers a novel algorithm that can be useful in modeling the barriers of innovation, particularly, in green computing adoption.
Full paper can be found here.