Department of Biology and Environmental Science

Hazel O. Arceo

Marine ecology and resource management

Xavier Bacalla

Cavity-enhanced spectroscopy, plasma discharges, laboratory astrophysics, diffuse interstellar bands

Jeriel T. Bersano

Marine Conservation

Aiza Cortes

Urban heat islands, sustainable urbanization, climate change

Brisneve Edullantes

Microalgal ecophysiology, climate change ecology, environmental biology, environmental data science

Florence Evacitas

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Stable isotope analysis, feeding ecology and life history of marine mammals and other vertebrates; marine isoscapes and soundscapes)

Mary Joyce L. Flores

Natural resources management and biodiversity conservation using
macroinvertebrates as biological indicators

Ellen Grace M. Funesto

ecology, environmental science, climate change biology, and local ecological knowledge

Patricia anne G. Nazareno

Waste management, sustainable utilization of natural materials for environmental rehabilitation and food security, water quality assessment

Ariel Raye Rica

Department of Computer Science

Demelo M. Lao

Bioinformatics, Statistics

Aileen Joan O. Vicente

Data Mining, Software Engineering

Percival J. Forcadilla

Embedded Systems, IoT, Robotics

Dhong Fhel K. Gom-os

Digital logic circuits, Computer architecture, Machine-level programming, Image processing, robotics, Internet of things

Mathematics Program

Jacque Bon-Isaac C. Aboy

Financial Econometrics, Portfolio Theory

Cherrylyn P. Alota

Population Dynamics, Epidemiological Models

Nelia S. Ereno

Mathematics and Statistics

Natividad Virginia D. Estillore

Abstract Algebra

Ramises G. Manzano Jr.

Algebraic Hyperstructures


Time Series Analysis, Descriptive Statistics, Sampling Designs

Ian Jay A. Serra

Count Data Modeling, Mathematical Statistics