Logo Designed by Prof. Ian Jay Serra

Inspired by the Mission and Vision of the College of Science, the idea and concept of the design of the official college were conceived. The design is named The Seal of Excellence in Science and Technology Education.

The logo bears the colors of the university. Depicted in the center are symbols representing the departments and the programs comprising the College of Science. The DNA strands and a leaf are representing the Department of Biology and Environmental Studies (DBES). The integral sign and the Chi symbol underneath are representing the Mathematics and Statistics Programs (MSPs). And surrounding them is a series of binary codes, representing the Department of Computer Science (DCS), which can be translated into alphabet as COLLEGE OF SCIENCE.

The golden lines connote the responsibilities and challenges from any directions a student in science and technology faces. The golden circle symbolizes unity, wholeness, and infinity towards achieving excellent instruction, innovative research, and relevant extension in science and technology education.

The rectangular shapes signify as the motherboard of the college which connects its all-major components in the pursuit of academic excellence; to mold and produce graduates with the highest level of academic pursuit and personal growth with a strong foundation in science, mathematics, and technology yet having a sense of social responsibility and discernment and the abilities to relate their field of specialization to the other fields.

As the home constituent unit, the “University of the Philippines Cebu” is inscribed, and below shows the year when the college was founded, centered between laurel leaves which stand for knowledge and learning. The ribbon, where the name of the college is emblazoned, stands for the trademark of honor and excellence, competence and compassion.

Finally, the outermost upper ring contains an element of “sablay”- the official academic regalia of the UP System, which symbolizes the nationalism and the importance put upon on the indigenous culture, which are among the values learned from the college, and the university in general.